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Professional Objective

Development and deployment of robust, open-source, standards-compliant tools for use in commercial environment. Linux/UNIX administration, networking, systems programming, and related tasks.


Employment History


Fully automated RedHat Server/Client Kickstart Installations for virtual Domains with DHCP, DNS, SSL ,HTTP, QMAIL-Mailserver , MySQL and Postgres databases, cgi und php support for enumerous network clients and Servers.

Linux-firewall (IP-Tables) development with NAT, paketfilters  and automated logfile analysis

VB6 Program to scan IP-Ranges  for viruses by sending Teststrings and analizing the responses.
 CSharp Application to analize  Windows ICF und Linux IP-Tables Firewall-Logs and to trace-back possible agressors
CSharp MirrorServer,
Development of a specific  RAM-Linux Distribution to automate admin-tasks like the installation of clients (Windows, Linux) using PXE, etherboot, tftp, dhcp, nfs, smb, Imaging with Linux, - automatic disk detection and mounting - unattended Setup (winnt.sif) with Windows for fully automated installation of clients and servers including configuration and installation of applications and services.
 CSharp Networkinstall: interface to configure  *.conf files for use with said RAM-Linux.
 CSharp MailDir2Exchange – Application to convert Linux maildirs for  MS-Exchange and compatible mailservers.


WIFI, Vienna, St. Poelten, BFI, BIT, Vienna
January 1999-October 2003

According to the Specifications of mentioned Institutes: Word, Excel, Access (included a few 3 Month professional Access programming courses), Visual Basic 6.0, VB.NET, Windows 2000, Novell 4.11, Linux RedHat 7.2 to 9.0 Basics, Apache, Samba, iptables - firewalls, qmail, ftp-servers, VPN


Network Maintainance
Task and Hourly based invoicing
January 1999-September 2003

Responsible for maintenance and support of multiple Linux workstations and servers for eight companies with implemented PXE remote installation procedures for Linux and Windows workstation installations.

Application Programmer
Drug Wholesale Company
August 2001-September 2002

Helped develop an object-oriented Visual Basic 6 POS Application for 200+ Drugstores within a Team of up to 10 Developers featuring ftp-updates, Barcode handling, import and export of several interchange formats.

Application Programmer
TV-Broadcasting Company
August 2000-April 2001

Helped develop Lan based Access Applications to manage the Sales to International Broadcasters of Concerts. This included the development of a Word-Class Object to generate template based offers.

Freight Forwarder
1976 - 1997

As Apprentice from 1976-1979, Deep Sea forwarding, Continental, with main streams from BENELUX in 1981, Head of Sales Department for Nedlloyd Road Cargo from 1991 - 1993. Austrian Representative for a Car-Haulier from 1993-1996







1985 Application Programming for a Container Trucking Company with FrameWork IV
1991 A Sales Application with Turbo Pascal for a Forwarding Company
1992 A merchants truck fleet disposition program in Access 2.0
1996 A Sales Task and Document Management Program for an Insurance Agency
2000 A multiuser Access Application for the Sales Department of a Broadcasting Company
2001 A Point of Sale Application in Visual Basic for 200+ Drugstores
2003 VB6 IP-Rangescanner for Viruschecking purposes
CSharp Application to parse ICF (Windows Firewall) and Linux IP-Tables Firewall Logs and to trace back Attackers
2004 Directory - Mirror Server local/Lan/WAN in CSharp including Licensing Module without encrypet Channel

Building of an own Linux Distribution, admin-linux, for administrative Local and Network Tasks as RAM-Linux OS dedicated for
unattended installations via PXE, including a CD Version to clone HD's  with a 50% compression to DVD.
Based on Shell scripts, Daemon scripts and some tiny C Applications.
2005 Linux Nagios (snmp) Implementation Project with Windows/Linux/AIX 5L/HP-UX Platforms to monitor ORACLE DB's, Postgres and LAN-Workloads
2006  Employee at SoLo IT - Solutions GmbH., Vienna (http://www.solo.at) homing in on Projects related to Networking, Operating Systems and Services like Spam, Mailservers, Server Virtualization, Network Imlementations, Customer Support...
2008-01 Project Servervirtualization für Linux / vmware for the Austrian Ministry of Finance (BMF) as Consultant
2008-04 Three Days Training at  BMF for Customs- and Finance - Investigation Departments - Linux Hacking and server access procedures


Programming skills

PHP4, C, CPP, VB, SQL, HTML, Javascript, CSS, XML, Bash, RPM.


System Administration

Apache, RDBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL), MTA (Sendmail, Qmail, Postfix), NFS, Samba, DHCPD, BIND4/8/9, NIS, LDAP, KerberosV, WebDAV, FTP (wu-ftpd, proftpd, vsftpd), IMAP (uw-imap, courier-imap), Webmail, OpenSSH, INN.

MS-SQL Server, Exchange-Server, IIS, DNS, Active Directory, RIS



Red Hat Linux, SuSe Linux FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Windows 95/98/NT/2000.



German (native language), English



Christan Brunner
Email: office@brunner.co.at
Phone: +43 (0)1 / 440 48 80


Harald Richter
Email: h.r@owr.at
Phone: +43 699 1 010 80 80

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