From Power Up To Bash Prompt

Welcome to the home page of From Power Up To Bash Prompt. The current version is 0.9, and was uploaded on 5 November 2000. Yeah, that was quite a while ago, and I'm hoping to get around to creating a new version real soon. The new version will be more Debian oriented, cover the 2.4 kernels, and use the docbook format that the LDP are so keen on.

html for viewing online

html tarball for download and local viewing

gzipped postscript for a nicely printed copy

Rich Text Format 1 Rich Text Format 2 Most wordprocessors can deal with this. You will need both files, one is the table of contents I think.

ascii text contains backspaces for highlighting, so don't try to print it with notepad etc.

Linux-doc sgml

If you want some other format, such as GNU info, LyX, LaTeX or DVI get the sgml source and use SGML-Tools to convert it.


There is a French translation, and a Japanese coming soon. Also Spanish.

This stuff is brought to you by Greg O'Keefe